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Transportation Commission Discusses But Takes No Action

At the March 26 City of Alameda Transportation Commission, the Commission discussed, but took no action on, a proposed design for the Bay Farm Island Bike Bridge closure project.

The stated purpose of the project is to improve the connection between the bike lane on Fernside Boulevard near Lincoln Middle School to the path approaching the Bay Farm Island Bike Bridge to make it easier for southbound bicyclists crossing Fernside Boulevard enroute to the bridge.

The proposal provides for a two-way bicycle path on West side of Fernside – narrowing Fernside Boulevard – separated from the automobile travel lane by a raised concrete barrier. The barrier will run along Fernside Boulevard from San Jose to the Aeolian Yacht Club driveway. Transportation Commissioner Michael Krueger asked if Public Works had considered implementing a left turn lane specifically for bicycles, so cyclists could avoid having to dismount while crossing Fernside at San Jose. Public Works responded that they “had never seen anything like that before.”

The need for enhanced connectivity of the Bike Bridge to Lincoln Middle School on Fernside Boulevard was identified in the Public Works Departments work with the school and the PTA to develop a Safe Routes to School map.

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