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Education Foundation Clarifies Position

In a March 27 op-ed piece in the Alameda Sun, Brooke Briggance, Executive Director of the Alameda Education Foundation tried to “clarify” the message of AEF’s current campaign called “Public education is too valuable to throw away.” and which provides blue and yellow lawn signs to Alameda residents.

Ms. Briggance is trying to clarify that the AEF campaign is NOT about passing the parcel tax on June 3rd, and she insists that there are two separate campaigns – “one to raise awareness (AEF) and one to pass a June parcel tax in Alameda (KASE).” KASE refers to the Keep Alameda Schools Excellent Political Action Committee formed to ensure the parcel tax passes.

But KASE was formed by a senior official of AEF, Ronald Mooney.

KASE Filing

And readers have sent us these pictures, below, of Franklin School district homeowners writing pro-Measure H slogans on the blue tab at the bottom of the sign. Readers also sent in rumours that AEF had originally intended to put a pro-Measure H slogan on a sticker for homeowners to apply to the blue stripe at the bottom of the sign.

AEF and KASE Lawn SignAEF and KASE Lawn Sign

Far from clarifying, Brooke Briggance has only muddied the waters.

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