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“Be Greedy” – Keep Housing Prices High

In her letter to the editor in the April 18th Alameda Journal, Diane Parodi indirectly identifies the real reason that house prices in Alameda are high – and it has nothing to do with Measure A. Rather, Diane Parodi encourages homeowners to “be greedy” and “be proud” and support the Measure H school parcel tax to “Keep our house values secure”

From the April 18th Alameda Journal:

“I’m as cheap as the next person. I’m not thrilled about spending $10 more a month for my property tax. However, I’m really not looking forward to my property value plummeting because our schools start to decline. I’m greedy enough to realize that $10 is a cheap price to pay to secure my house value.

Most new buyers in Alameda are young families looking for good schools. Alameda has a good reputation and families are paying high prices to live here. Our values have stayed strong while other communities have seen significant decline in home prices. I’m just greedy enough to vote “yes” on H. Keep our house values secure — vote “yes” on H. Be proud — be greedy.

Diane Parodi”

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