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Former Alameda Journal Editor Jeff Mitchell Writing the East Bay Express

Former Alameda Journal editor Jeff Mitchell now appears to be writing for the East Bay Express. See this article which appeared today.

But Mitchell’s running a little late on this game – first, we already covered the potential sales value of AP&T’s network back on March 29th, second he seems to still be riding the same hobby horse from 2006, which is the AP&T debacle. Surely the problem is worthy of the attention, but c’mon Jeff, can’t you find something else to write about?

And did he even try to contact Councilmember Marie Gilmore for comments on the article? Mayor Johnson performed her well-practiced ostrich maneuver – ducking her head in the sand when any tough issue comes up – but Frank Matarresse and Doug deHaan made comments. What about Gilmore? She’s been on council for the past four or five years, and she has not lifted one finger in the direction of halting the slide of AP&T. Will she pay for it on re-election in November?

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