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While City Officials Plan for Gala Megaplex Opening, Small Cinema Operator Suffers

In announcing the continuation of The Forbidden Kingdom at the Central Cinema, Cinema operator Mark Haskett had some bad news to report:

“Sadly, the future of Central Cinema is uncertain. We are now unable to book movies for the summer because the City of Alameda is opening its new movie theater in May and monopolizing all the movies(meaning that the movie studios won’t let us have any movie that the City’s theater says it wants). I am deeply troubled that the Alameda City Council spent our tax dollars($35 million?) to build a movie theater, aren’t there better uses for our tax money?

Central Cinema has had a positive impact on the community and been a special experience to many families, I’ve seen it first hand in the faces of our customers. I am proud of what we have accomplished and no bureaucrat can ever take that away. We might be able to solve this problem if we could move to a location that is futher away from the downtown theater, so if you are familiar with a new space that would embrace our little theater let me know…”

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