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Alameda Point Transit Alternatives Workshop

At the time of this writing, there was no video on the City of Alameda website for the May 5th Alameda Transit Alternatives Community Workshop held at City Hall. Those that could not attend will have to keep waiting and hoping for video.

Here are some further thoughts on WRT’s report:

A group including the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce sued the City of Alameda in 2004 over plans to build housing at Alameda Point. Part of their complaint was they didn’t want housing development to generate automobile trafic through Posey Tube and exiting into Chinatown and downtown Oakland. So here we have WRT Solomon’s plan – the “Transit Plus” alternative from WRT promises to send 12 buses per hour – or one every 5 or 6 minutes out of Alameda Point and into Oakland to reach a BART station. Is that what Oakland Chinatown’s community hoped for when they settled the lawsuit? Has anyone from City Hall reviewed this plan with the Oakland Chinatown Advisory Committee?

The report indicates that “General Fund property tax revenues are limited due to the fact that Alameda Point is located in a redevelopment project area…” and that the city may have to establish a Municipal Service District to levy separate, additional property taxes against property at Alameda Point. Wouldn’t it just be simpler to terminate the Alameda Point redevelopment project – before it starts accumulating too much debt – and allow all of the property taxes, including the tax increment, flow through to the general fund?

WRT’s report states that “Demand for new office and employment space at Alameda Point will probably not exceed 100,000 to 150,000 square feet per year unless large scale office or institutional users are attracted to the site.” No kidding? Many of us in the community have been saying for a long time now that we would like our city leaders to actively pursue and attract ‘large scale office or institutional users” to Alameda Point, to create jobs and possibly alleviate congestion on the tubes and bridges by allowing more people who live in Alameda to work in Alameda. Which of our city leaders will stand up and show leadership on this issue?

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