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535 San Francisco School Teachers Receive Layoff Reprieve

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that 535 of their school teachers will have their layoff notices rescinded, thanks to a $20 million transfer from the city’s “rainy day” fund.

Alameda Unified School District teachers, however, should not expect to be saved by some City of Alameda “rainy day” fund – because it doesn’t exist. Although $10 million to $12 million of Alameda property taxes are diverted each year to redevelopment Alameda City Council has taken no prudent steps like San Francisco to set aside funds for crisis such as the one we’re currently facing with the school district.

Although the Mayor pays lip service to supporting our schools and voices support for Measure H, the $120 parcel tax to keep Alameda schools open, she’s made no initiative to set aside any rainy day funds.

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