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Alameda Power and Telecom – Sale in Progress

At the April 28th Alameda Public Utilities Board Meeting, Alameda Power and Telecom General Manager Girish Balachandran gave an update to the PUB board on the sale and re-financing options for the telecom division of AP and T.

In his quarterly report on trends and initiatives, Mr. Balachandran reported that he has responded to “various information requests in support of the telecom refinancing due diligence effort.” Note, however, that he doesn’t mention anything about possible buyers. The information provided includes:

(1) Subscriber rate information
(2) Homes passed data base
(3) Subscriber reports
(4) Disconnect history and churn reports
(5) Node penetration report
(6) Multi-dwelling unit subscriber counts
(7) Plant and technical information
(8) Sales and marketing plans
(9) Advertising revenues and headend ad insertion equipment
(10) System operations
(11) Comprehensive review of cable TV programming contracts and other third-party telecom system support agreements.

It would be best if AP&T can simply shed itself of the money-losing Telecom division as soon as possible – there are no realistic plans for AP&T to dig itself out of the whole that Telecom has created.

The good news is that so far there is no indication that Mr. Balachandran plans to embark on some kind of Public Relations effort such as this aborted one initiated by his predecessor, below. Girish is a professional and above that sort of nonsense.

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