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School Closures if Measure H Fails?

The Alameda school board is promising (threatening?) to look at school closures again if Measure H does not pass. The smallest schools – those with the smallest student capacity – are the ones most likely to close because they offer the smallest economies of scale with regards to maintenance and finance. For some reason, the Alameda Education Foundation likes to nominate Washington School as one of the smaller schools that might be closed, but Washington is actually at the median school size, as indicated by a demographic study sponsored by the Alameda Unified School District. Here is a list of elementary schools and their AUSD defined capacity:

Earhart 631
Ruby Bridges 596
Bay Farm 497
Haight 492
Lum 466
Washington 437
Paden 376
Otis 373
Edison 321
Franklin 274

The median school capacity is 452 – Washington school is just below the median at 437, and Lum school is just above the median at 466. The three smallest schools are Otis, Edison and Franklin school.

The data in this table was pulled from this slide in the demographic study presentation shown here.


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