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Measure H Results – Plan B and C

Reportedly, Keep Alameda Schools Excellent is formulating a “Plan B” to execute in the eventuality of Measure H not passing. Such a plan would include lobbying Sacramento for long-term fixes to the education funding problem. Shouldn’t that be Plan A?? Shouldn’t we be doing that anyway?

Or do we prefer to have a perennially scheduled schools funding crisis? Surely an annual “SCHOOLS IN CRISIS” crisis makes for good newspaper cover stories, but the folks that pushed for the passage of Measure H should be working Sacramento on an ongoing basis to even out the education funding for Alameda. Outgoing State Senator Don Perata and Lt. Governor Garamendi have grandchildren in Alameda schools – are those families asking their politico grandfathers to push through some legislation to fix the problem?

Based on counts so far, 9,010 Alameda residents voted in favor of Measure H. Even if Measure H doesn’t pass, those voters still have the option to send $120 in each year – send it into AEF if you believe that organization to distribute if fair and equitably across Alameda. That would still raise over $1 million per year for Alameda schools. If Measure H fails, how many of those 9,010 voters will still send in $120 per year?

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