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Webster Street Restaurant Darling Turns Away Groups

Action Alameda has been contacted by several parties who have tried to dine at the new Webster Street darling, Acquacotta, but have been turned away.

Apparently, Acquacotta routinely turns away groups of 5 or 6 people, without so much as an apology. The dining room is set up in tables of four or two, and reports we have say that waitstaff have no interest in bringing tables together to seat, say, a party of 4 adults and one youth. Or a party of 6 adults.

We also found this review on Yelp:

I wish I could review the food but I never actually got the chance to eat any because my group was refused service. A group of eight of us (older White female teachers) showed up at 6:00 pm on a Wednesday night expecting three to four more folks to join us. The place was fairly empty and they don’t take reservations, yet we were told they couldn’t “handle” groups.

Someone had better tell the Acquacotta management that this behavior is bad for sales tax revenue, which the Mayor is counting on.

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