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Alameda Power and Telecom Cable Subscribers Down

The impending sale of Alameda Power and Telecom’s cable and internet division must be deterring Alameda residents from signing up for cable TV service. According to the May 2008 General Manager’s report, presented to Alameda’s Public Utilities Board on June 16th, cable TV subscribers continued their decline from 9,557 subscribers in June of 2007, to 9,341 subscribers in May of 2008, a 2.2% decline.

The telecom division’s monthly operating expense continues to be higher than AP&T’s goals, as well, with the general manager reporting an actual monthly expense of $909,514 versus a expected $861,505. Monthly operating revenue declined from the previous month.

The general manager’s report included no information on efforts to sell the struggling telecom division, but noted that Comcast has initiated an effort to sell up to 400,000 subscribers in non-strategic markets across the country. If those markets include Alameda, AP&T may have some competition for selling subscribers.

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