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A Testy Mayor Presides over Second Reading

A testy and impatient Mayor Johnson presided over the second reading tonight of a new ordinance that bans bicycle riding and other muscular-powered transportation – where posted – in City of Alameda parks, parking lots and parking structures.

The Mayor has only herself to blame for her ineptitude in allowing city staff to bring forward the first version of the ordinance which banned bike riding in city parks etc. except where expressly permitted by posted signs. One could imagine little “Please DO ride your bikes here” signs in our parks, along with the little “Please walk on the grass” signs. The Mayor took a lot of heat for this debacle, but it was well-deserved – anyone in City Hall paying attention could have foreseen the potential for problems at the Civic Center Parking Garage, and anyone paying attention to the drafting of the first reading of the ordinance could have foreseen how it was problematic and how the cycling community would object.

Perhaps the Mayor should start paying more attention.

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