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Alameda Theatre Operator Slow-Rolls Discussions

According to IATSE Local 169 business agent Jason Mottley, Alameda Theater operator Kyle Connor did not follow-through on a commitment made last Saturday when he asked union projectionists to put down their picket signs and begin negotiations.

Following a brief discussion with Mr. Mottley on Saturday, for which Local 169 members put down their picket signs and stopped handing out fliers to passers-by and theater-goers, Mr. Connor was to have followed-up on Monday, July 7th with Mr. Mottley with a proposal to bring union members into the projection rooms at the Alameda cineplex. According to Mr. Mottley, Mr. Connor did not follow-up until late Tuesday afternoon, and had no proposal to discuss, although he did ask Mr. Mottley to provide copies of agreements that the union has or has had with other area theaters, as a reference.

Mr. Mottley went on to say that equipment at the Alameda Theater malfunctioned on Saturday night, and that Mr. Connor had suggested that union members had somehow sabotaged it. Mr. Mottley denies the charge and blames un-trained front-of-the-house staff operating the projection equipment for the problems.

We interviewed one patron at the Alameda Theater over the weekend who thought union labor for the theater was a good idea.

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