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FBI Looking Into Ron Cowan Parkway

In another story in the San Francisco Chronicle, the FBI is looking into State Senator Don Perata’s role in the hiring of a lobbyist who pressured the FAA to grant approval for Ron Cowan Parkway – a road the East Bay Express labeled the “Road to Nowhere” – connecting Oakland Airport to Ron Cowan’s Harbor Bay Business Park in Alameda. Regarding the investigation, Ron Cowan is quoted in the article as saying “I understand political contributions and how the game is played…”

The City of Alameda is reported to have spent $45,000 on a lobbyist as well, to drive the project through.

The investigation has apparently touched on Don Perata’s son-in-law, Mike Rosati, who is married to Mr. Perata’s daughter, Rebecca, both of whom live in Alameda. Rebecca Perata-Rosati was listed as an email contact on the website for the Keep Alameda Schools Excellent PAC which advocated earlier this year for passage of Measure H, the $120 parcel tax.

Contact page for KASE website showing Rebecca Rosati-Perata as contact 

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