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Island High Project Would Exclude Teachers

A proposal by Catellus to transfer low and very-low income affordable housing units out of the Grand Marina project and into a new project on the site of the former Alameda Island High School would exclude teachers in the Alameda Unified School District who earn the average salary for the district.

At the June 23rd City of Alameda Planning Board meeting, the Planning Board approved a resolution finding that Catellus’ (Warmington Homes) transfer of the required inclusionary housing affordable units off-site to the Island High School site was consistent with the spirit of the City’s inclusionary housing ordinance. City of Alameda Planning Department staffer Andrew Thomas noted at that meeting that “This has never been done before in Alameda.”

On July 23rd, architecture firm AE3 Partners, contracted by Catellus, presented their vision for a 3-story, 36 unit apartment complex on the 0.82 acre site with 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom rental apartments. They indicated in their presentation that the targeted residents for the project were 2-person households with incomes as low as $34,450 per year up to 5-person households with incomes as high as $71,550. According to Ed Data, the average salary for a teacher in Alameda for the 2006-’07 year was $61,018. An Alameda school teacher living alone would make too much money to qualify for the affordable housing complex.

Targeted Income Levels for Island High School Project Residents


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