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Petition Opposing 36-Unit Apartment Complex

Dear Editor,

My neighbors and I recently received a letter from an architectural firm inviting us to review the preliminary plans for the old Island High school site on Eagle and Everett. In attending the meeting the plan presented was to construct a 36-unit apartment complex for very low and low income residents. What also came to light is that the same developer is building a project at the Grand Marina and to comply with the inclusionary housing initiative requiring they have a certain percentage of low income units in there new construction they want to pull all low income units out of the Grand Marina project and put them all at the Island High school site.

This seems to me to go against the intent of requiring a mix of income levels represented at their developments. Also the plan calling for 36 units (which is excessive in the scale of our neighborhood) is in excess of what is required by the initiative making us believe that they are also wanting to build these low income units to meet the requirement for other developments on the island which have not yet been disclosed. We have started a petition opposing this project as it has been proposed to us and will have representatives present at the Monday 7pm planning board meeting at city hall.

– Amy Elizabeth Parker RN, Alameda

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