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36 Apartment Units Will Crowd Living Space

Dear Editor,

I oppose the Community Improvement Commission and the Alameda School District’s support of the Catellus Development Group’s proposal to put

36 units at the old Island High site.

To put 15 units priced between $400 to $700 a month and 21 between $1000 to $1250 a month with no units of market value, denies the people living there and the neighbors the respect which comes from living with people from a diverse cross range of income levels.

This respect found in diversity is denied to the people of 9 units of low-income housing. It is proposed that they be moved to the Island High site so that Catellus would not be required to provide for them to live in the Grand Marina project. This diversity of income levels is denied to the Grand Marina neighbors as well. Catellus is trying to sweep out the lowest-income homes from their project. They would also use low-income quotas at the Island High site toward any future development.

To put 36 rental units on this less than an acre site would crowd the people’s living space. The space of those living there and their neighbors. With this crowding, there would not be enough open space, freedom from noise, parking or freer flowing traffic. All of these concerns, as well as the quality of life of the current residents are addressed in the Gateway District’s goals.

In this neighborhood of primarily single family homes, many of which are Victorians, and where most multiple-unit buildings are four-plexes, the home owners do not want their property values to reflect the tension created by the crowding of too many people.

Because they are proposing 2 BR and 3 BR units there will conceivably be 50 to 100 children living in the proposed 36 rental units. This will add to the overcrowding at Edison School. I fear that AUSD has plans to redistrict the school boundaries in response. To make the children of the Island High area leave their home school of Edison and travel across town to Haight School is dangerous and displacing.

More Alameda Unified School District employees would qualify and desire to live in a complex that respects diversity of incomes, is not too crowded and provides fairly for its children.

I have lived in my home for 37 years and owned it for 17. I provide one low-income rental unit over my garage area (Business License Account #005207). My son attended Edison and Alameda High. To create a climate of respect for all concerned, please oppose this unworkable plan and propose a new one.


– Patricia Paul, Alameda

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