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Density Bonus Law Ordinance Before Planning Board

The density bonus law is up for discussion before the City of Alameda Planning Board and the public, as part of the effort to pull together a state-mandated 2007 – 2014 Housing Element for the city. Long-time readers know that Action Alameda has advocated an examination of the density bonus law as a potential means to provide transit-oriented, mid-density development with affordable housing for the official affordable housing classes of very-low, low and moderate income households, as well as for those households with income levels just above the moderate income classification, but without changing Measure A or exempting Alameda Point from Measure A.

The 2001-2006 House Element called for implementation of a density bonus ordinance, and the issue was studied in 2004 but an ordinance was never approved.

Francis Collins, in his lawsuits against the City of Alameda over the Boatworks projects also cited the density bonus law in support of getting that project for 242 homes approved at 2241 and 2243 Clement Avenue in Alameda. In the lawsuit, Francis Collins asserts that “Mr. Thomas [City of Alameda Planning Director Andrew Thomas] strongly suggested that Petitioner [Collins] should pursue a project that would not require a density bonus.”


It would seem that City Staff, many of whom chafe under the constraints of Measure A, realize that allowing a project that uses the density bonus to go forward would weaken the argument to exempt Alameda Point from Measure A. Why else would they push back so hard against projects that invoke the density bonus?

Collins Lawsuit RG07310684

Collins Lawsuit RG06272096

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