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City of Alameda Can’t Quantify Sales Tax Boost

At the July 14th Special Community Improvement Commission meeting, City of Alameda councilmember Frank Matarrese asked Development Services Director Leslie Little if there is a way to quantify how the City’s investment by way of grants to local business associations correlates to an increase in retail sales tax. The City invests roughly $225,000 per year in business associations which comes from the General Fund.

Ms. Little responded that she did not know.

But the $225,000 per year pales in comparison to Alameda’s $30 million investment in the Civic Center Parking Structure and the Alameda Theatre and Cineplex. Now if only the City would work to gather data to correlate both the business association grants, and the $30 million of redevelopment money to the generation increased retail sales tax for the City.

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