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Neighbors Ask for Support to Oppose 36-Unit Apartment Complex

Dear Editor,

Please join us tonight at City Hall!

This is the subject on the agenda tonight 8/5/2008 with the Alameda CIC. I would like to invite everyone who opposes of a builder coming into our town and making policy decisions to please help fight at City Hall tonight.

I disapprove of Warmingtons request to renege on their original agreement made with the City of Alameda. The amendment made on June 23, 2008 is not in compliance with inclusionary housing laws. Moving the very-low and low income housing off-site is not in fairness with the distribution of income diversity. This amendment creates an inappropriate financial imbalance causing the two neighborhoods to be weighted in opposite directions. The request to shift these units to another location only benefits the developers by making the developers property more profitable. This transfer is only about the Builders PROFITS.

Even with these low-income units remaining in the builders development the market value of their new homes will still be double to triple that of the IHS neighborhood homes; as this tiny neighborhoods home values are already below current market rates. The builders profits should not be at the expense of a neighborhood; which is one of the only entry-level housing markets east of Webster. These units should be incorporated into the builders market-rate development in compliance with the Inclusionary Housing Policy. New developments in the City of Alameda should be done in an equitable way. City Policy should be intact with contracts written with severe penalties to deter builders from such greedy amendments.

Please join us and ask the CIC to reconsider the approval made on June 23, 2008 and transfer the builders units back to their inclusionary development.

– Nanette Burdick, Alameda Native

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