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Will Gilmore Vote for Votes on Island High Project?

Tonight, Alameda City Council sits as the Community Improvement Commission and will vote on a resolution approving an affordable housing agreement between the CIC and Warmington Homes.

Residents in the predominantly low and moderate income “wedge” area, bounded by Park Street, Tilden Way and Clement Avenue, are opposed to the project, which would bring a 3-story, 36-unit apartment complex to the former Island High School site. Many residents have suggested that they would be comfortable with 8 to 12 units on the site, but certainly not 36.

City Councilmember Marie Gilmore, who, as part of City Council, sits on the Community Improvement Commission board, is running for re-election this November. Many people in Alameda, not just those living in the “wedge” will be closely watching Ms. Gilmore tonight to see how she handles the issue, and whether or not she fairly represents her constituents’ concerns.


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