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What They Say…And What They Mean

Alameda’s builders…here’s what they say, and what they really mean….

What they say: “We’re here tonight to get feedback on this project. We want to be good neighbors.”
What they really mean: “We didn’t notify many people, and we hoped nobody would show up, so we could say that we held a public meeting and nobody raised any concerns.”

WTS: “We’re only having a public discussion about the possibilities.”
WTRM: “We’ve already done our financials, and this is the only deal that pencils out, so we have to drive it through. City Staff are fervently working behind the scenes to get everything lined up.”

WTS: “The residents mis-understood the project.”
WTRM: “The residents identified and exploited every weakness in our proposal. They saw right through us.”

WTS: “This proposal allows us to use tax-credits for affordable housing that aren’t otherwise available.”
WTRM: “We found a way for somebody else to pay for the affordable housing, so we won’t have to.”

WTS: “We’re working hard to solve Alameda’s affordable housing problem – this is a win-win.”
WTRM: “Like all builders, we find the inclusionary housing requirements burdensome. To the extent we can wiggle out from under those requirements and, even better yet, get someone else to pay for the affordable housing, we will.”

WTS: “This proposal provides more affordable housing than Alameda would get without it.”
WTRM: “We actually didn’t check the math. Are you sure your calculations says it provides less affordable housing?”

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