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Is PRT a Joke?

Dear Editor,

Peter Calthorpe promoting PRT?… sad.

Video [from last night’s SunCal presentation] here:


He’s full of crap.

ULTra has postponed its opening a year. It was supposed to open this year… I don’t think it will ever open. If it does, it will be a flop.

I saw a video of a California politician talking about using PRT to build “transit-less transit-oriented development”.

Looks like the same thing is going on in Alameda.

They get an area designated as a site for PRT and then they can add density to their beach front developments.

Since PRT is infeasible – the Fed won’t fund it, its a no-cost, win- win for developers and elected officials.

They can pretend to be “green”, make a lot of green and not have to build any transit…. clever!!!

Not the first time that a futuristic, gadget transpotation concept was proposed for Alameda… remember Cybertran?

What the video on the website… it’s hilarious.

More about the PRT scam here:

– Ken Avidor, Alameda

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