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SunCal Proposes San Francisco-like Density for Alameda Point

SunCal and Calthorpe’s Plan B for Alameda Point, as presented at the SunCal community meeting on August 7th, 2008 at the Hornet museum, calls for density for Alameda Point that would approach that of San Francisco.

SunCal’s “Plan B” proposal for Alameda Point calls for 6,000 homes on 700 acres of land. The current average number of persons per home in Alameda is about 2.38, so 6,000 homes translates into roughly 14,280 people, or about 20% of Alameda’s current population of 75,000 people.

Comparing numbers from the U.S. year 2000 census, for Alameda, San Francisco, and the proposal for Alameda Point, we see that SunCal’s proposal for Alameda Point provides a density that approaches that of San Francisco.

It wasn’t articulated well by Peter Calthorpe, but “Plan B” calls for densities as high as 70 dwelling units per acre (du/ac). Alameda’s Measure A provides for densities as high as 22 du/ac, and most of Alameda’s single family home neighborhoods are built at densities around 10 du/ac or lower.

Another way to measure density is by population per square mile, and housing units per square mile. The U.S. census data shows that Alameda currently has about 6,693 people per square mile, and San Francisco about 16,634. SunCal’s proposal would put 13,056 people on just over 1 square mile at Alameda Point. (1 acre equals 0.0015625 square miles. 700 acres equals 1.09375 square miles)

Alameda’s average density, as measured by housing units, clocks in at 2,931 units per square mile. San Francisco’s density is 7,421 units per square mile. SunCal’s Plan B proposes 6,000 housing units on 700 acres, or a density of 5,486. A density closely approaching that of San Francisco.

Comparison of Alameda, Alameda Point and San Francisco densities.



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