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SunCal to Push for Vote on Measure A

[Editor note – Earlier we reported that SunCal is proposing density for Alameda that approaches that of San Francisco.]

In a staff report to City Council for Tuesday’s August 19th meeting, buried under all the details of SunCal’s financial crutch from D.E. Shaw, there is a little phrase indicating that SunCal will press for a vote in Alameda on Measure A.

In the staff report City Staff recommend that the City of Alameda negotiate a second amendment to the existing Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with SunCal, to give them more time to meet milestones in accordance with “the realities of the project.” On Page 7 of the agreement, Staff note that “SunCal has indicated that it will likely proceed with a development plan that would require approval by the Alameda electorate.” Given SunCal’s current two Measure A non-compliant proposals from the August 7th community meeting, this can only mean one thing – SunCal is going to push a plan for Alameda Point that is Measure A non-compliant, and attempt to push through a charter amendment to change Measure A or exempt Alameda Point from it.

Last year, SunCal tried a similar strategy in Anaheim, California in a fight with Disneyland over proposed housing next to the theme park. After sponsoring a ballot initiative to combat a Disney ballot measure to stop the development, SunCal eventually backed down.

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