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Lawsuit Filed Against AUSD over Measure H

It will be unfortunate for our schools and our children if the lawsuit against AUSD over Measure H succeeds, but the District reaps what they sow.

The politically well-connected Alameda Unified School District board members and proponents of Measure H have had years upon years to fight in Sacramento to fix the funding inequities for AUSD. Those are the same inequities which Measure H backers are so quick to point out with every new parcel tax or extension. The Navy base closed in 1997 and with it went a couple million dollars of federal funding for AUSD.

Instead of our elected representatives coming from Sacramento to AUSD schools for photo ops, wouldn’t it be better if they attempted to address the structural problems that create an AUSD “crisis” every year, and a new parcel tax or extension every four years or so?

And will those who backed Measure H also support the proposal in Sacramento to borrow local redevelopment monies (i.e. our property taxes) to help balance the state budget and fund the schools?

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