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Coming Soon To Alameda Point – $300K No-Bedroom Miniminiums

As we reported last week, SunCal’s Calthorpe-designed proposal for 6,000 housing units at Alameda Point would establish San Francisco-style densities for Alameda, or density roughly twice as dense as the rest of the City of Alameda.

Now comes this story out of San Francisco, on a new high-density development of micro-condominiums. That’s right – micro-units. These are 250 square foot “miniminiums” that don’t have a separate bedroom, and sell starting at $279,000, or just over $1100 per square foot.

Even if comparable units at Alameda Point were to sell for half of that, at $550 per square foot – optimistic from the point of view of someone looking for less expensive housing – that would still be more than the roughly $400 per square foot that homes in the Alameda 94501 and 94502 zip codes sold for in July 2008, according to Dataquick.

Any suggestion that high-density housing for Alameda Point is going to bring “affordable” housing to Alameda needs to be evaluated in this light – is a 250 square foot hole in the wall with a sofa-bed and no closet priced at more than the average price-per-square-foot what we mean by affordable?

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