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Wedgewood Holds Block Party

Residents of the 2500 block of Eagle Avenue held a block party yesterday to cement the unity of the “Wedgewood” neighborhood of Alameda.

A flyer distributed to residents of “the wedge” – the area roughly bounded by Park Street, Clement Avenue and Tilden Way – invited people to “have fun, get to know your neighbors, celebrate summer, and congratulate each other for organizing as a neighborhood to engage in the future development of our community.”

The neighborhood pulled together in late July to organize opposition to a proposal for a high-density, 36-unit apartment complex on the site of the former Alameda Island High School. Residents argue that the complex was out of character for the low-density residential neighborhood, and on August 5th, the City Council, sitting as the Community Improvement Commission, agreed, and rejected a proposed affordable housing agreement with Warmington Homes that would move the project towards completion.

In anticipation of the block party, Wedgewood residents sent invitations to City Council members, AUSD Board members and candidates for council and the AUSD board, so that they might get to know the neighborhood. As of 5pm, only City Council member Frank Matarrese, Council member Doug deHaan – who is running for re-election this November – and Trish Spencer, who is a candidate for the AUSD board, had made an appearance.

Attendees included Doug deHaan, Frank Matarrese and Trish Spencer

(Left to Right, Back row: Erik, Joseph, Sally, Frank Matarrese (Alameda City Council), Jerry, Kelly, Doug deHaan (Alameda City Council, running for re-election), Trish Spencer (running for AUSD board), Doree. Front Row: Kit.)

Children splashed on the water slide and young, adult and old alike noshed on barbecue, salads and fresh fruit. At 5:30 pm, a band made up of residents kicked off an evening of live music to keep the party going.

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