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Alameda Theatre Continues to Get Bad Reviews on Yelp

The Alameda Theatre and Cineplex complex, renovated and opened in May of this year, continues to get bad reviews, even into late August and early September.

On Sept. 6, one Yelper wrote “The theater is beautifully renovated BUT the customer service is the worst and the sound is horrible. My partner and kids have had to leave the movies twice…When one complains, the staff do nothing.” On August 26, another wrote that “EVERY movie I have seen here (about four) has had some kind of projection issue! From No sound, to the sound being off from what they are saying and just bad focus.” In July, a woman contributor to Yelp wrote “It feels like since the theater opened, getting hassled on Park Street is a MUCH more common occurrence. Jerks need to leave me alone when I’m walking home… or I’ll get a car. I meant it. I’ll do it.” Pretty serious threats there.

Most of the positive reviews of the Alameda Theatre focus on the restoration of the main auditorium. Most of the negative reviews focus the projection/sound experience, and customer service. One person wrote to complain about the self-serving documentary about the rehabilitation effort “My only gripe is the corny-ass documentary they show about the entire rehabilitation project…It is low class and in a way it only serves as some voting propaganda.”

No update yet from the local projectionists union on discussions with Alameda Entertainment Associates to hire unionized projectionists.

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