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Planning Board Continues ATC Expansion to Oct. 13th 2008

Unable to agree on the amount of square footage approved for Alameda Towne Center in 2003, the City of Alameda Planning Board approved a continuation of the ATC expansion discussion to October 13th.

To the un-trained observer, it seemed pretty straightforward – the Planning Board secured from Harsch Realty in 2003 a mitigation effort for a potential six-hundred and fifty-seven thousand some-odd square feet of development, but they only approved six-hundred and eight-thousand some-odd square feet of actual development.

So Harsch Realty made a bad deal – they agreed to pay for mitigations for 49,000 square feet of development for which they hadn’t yet been approved. Then they came back and asked for an expansion of the total square footage to 706,000 square foot.

The Planning Board could have saved themselves a lot of time simply by denying the application tonight, and re-affirming the approval for 608,000 sq ft at ATC, and pushing Harsch Realty to come back with a new application for a new expansion. Instead, they muddled through over an hour of discussion and pushed it over to the City Attorney’s office for opinion, and vowed to continue the muddling into next month.


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