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City Employees for Measure P

Dear Editor,

With limited development potential and retail space, the City of Alameda must confront significant challenges to maintain a reasonable quality of life for Alamedans. The greatest challenge, notably, is acquiring adequate revenue to assure its ability to maintain streets and roads, parks and recreation areas, sewers and drains, and essential personnel and equipment for public safety.

The current economic climate compounds the problem as business taxes decline with the overall decline of business, the general decline in property transfers and the increase in foreclosures.

While a significant increase in the current tax, it is the least painful method of increase as it is only a one-time tax on each property transfer, and its cost can be amortized over years by the participants in any property transfer transaction. If you wish to own property in Alameda, it is a measure of insurance to enhance the value of that asset in the future, as it is enabling of the city wage the war against rot and decay.

Vote Yes on Measure P.

Alan Elnick
Business Representative
Alameda City Employees Association
Operating Engineers Union Local #3
1620 South Loop Road
Alameda, CA 94502

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