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Bayport Residents Should Prepare for Noise

Residents of Alameda’s Bayport neighborhood should be aware of this study in San Francisco about the relationship between traffic noise and health risks. If SunCal’s plan get’s built, Bayport will be framed by two high-volume traffic corridors.

The study found that “Noise from traffic is putting nearly 1 in 6 San Francisco residents at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure and other stress-related illnesses, city public health officials have found.” Alameda residents near Alameda Towne Center already know this – they’ve been fighting the shopping center expansion and complaining about the existing noise levels. Residents along Otis Drive and other streets near the shopping center write:

“Wake up often with the noise in the middle of the night. The shopping center seems to get whatever they want… they control city government.”

“We do not need more truck noise day and night…increased diesel emissions have a bad effect on our health and asthma condition.”

“Often awakened by late night, early morning trucks, cleanup and construction.”

“Noise and vibrations from delivery trucks shake the apartment frequently.”

Earlier this month, Mayor Beverly Johnson, Vice-Mayor Lena Tam and Councilmembers Marie Gilmore and Frank Mattarese voted to ignore these residents’ complaints and permit the shopping center expansion to continue.

SunCal plans to add almost 400,000 square feet of retail space to Alameda Point, and over 3 million square feet of commercial space. The two routes that connect the Webster and Posey Tubes to Alameda Point are Ralph Appezzeto Parkway, and Tinker/Willie Stargell. The City of Alameda has plans to re-configure the interchange between the Webster Tube and Willie Stargell to better facilitate traffic flow to the point. You can see Willie Stargell and Ralph Appezzeto on the map, framing the Bayport development in the center.

Bayport area framed by truck routes

Bayport area framed by truck routes

Bayport residents who haven’t been paying attention until now might want to start – their health may depend on it.

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