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Keep the Police, Lose the Attorneys

City Staff have recommended that Alameda City Council consider eliminating police department positions (one officer, one sergeant and one lieutenant) and eliminating school crossing guards to balance the budget. But they don’t make any recommendations to trim the bloated City Attorney’s office.

According to the City of Alameda’s website, the City keeps on staff a City Attorney, one “Senior Assistant City Attorney” and two “Assistant City Attorneys” – can our small city possible need that many on-staff attorneys? And given the budget problems we’re facing, isn’t it time for the city attorney’s office to figure out how to do without anyway?

Bloated City of Alameda City Attorney's office.

Bloated City of Alameda City Attorney's office.

The City Manager’s office is no better. The City Website indicates the following:

Office of the City Manager

The City Manager is Debra Kurita, appointed to office in August, 2005. The Assistant City Manager is David Brandt and the Deputy City Manager is Lisa Goldman.

How is it that our city requires three city managers? Will City Staff report to council the total cost for each of these assistant and deputy attorney’s and city managers? And will council push for reductions in these offices to minimize reductions in the police and fire departments?

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