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City of Alameda Refuses to Downsize Management

Dear Editor,

The City of Alameda is not in financial trouble. This City has money.

This City has historically cried poor when other cities were suffering or when labor contracts are in or near negotiations. Therefore they do not have to contract out any City services, be it the Golf Course, the Fire or Police Departments. The City has historically refused to downsize their own management staff and/or reduce their salaries. In the early 1990’s when the City decided to go to a 4-day week, the management and supervisory personnel kept their salaries. However, the entire staff below management and supervision had their salaries cut.

It’s no secret that the Mayor’s husband works for the Oakland Police Department and that some of the officers there think that working in the Alameda Police Department is a “vacation.” However, that should not influence the Mayor to side with either downsizing or contracting out Police service. Nor should we contract out the Fire Department. For the small amount of money a move like that is supposed to save, it will cost more in lives if entities other than ones that have a vested interest are in charge.

It’s my opinion that clearly the majority of our City Council, and the City Manager are inept and need to be replaced.

– Marion Miller

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