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Alameda City Manager and City Attorney Cost $2 million Per Year

We have written and received letters about the City of Alameda’s attempts to cut fire and police services while ignoring the budgets of senior managers. Now we have some figures.

According to the year-end financial report document submitted by city staff to Alameda City Council on Tuesday night, the general fund expenditures to support the City Manager and the City Attorney offices for the fiscal year 2007/08 total over $2 million. As of June 30, 2008, the City Manager office expenditures totaled $1,155,046 and the City Attorney office’s expenditures totaled $929,315, for a total of $2,084,361 for the fiscal year ending that day. (See page 20 in the document, line items 2100 and 2300 in the report “GENERAL FUND EXPENDITURES BY PROGRAM”)

The City is threatening to cut police offers and school crossing guard programs in an attempt to raise $700,000 for the 2008/09 fiscal year, and nobody has city hall has yet given much thought at all to how they might raise an additional $550,000 to pay back the State Board of Equalization for sales tax over-payments to the City. But none of the proposals to date of evaluated the staffing levels of the City Manager’s office (three city managers) or the City Attorney’s office (four attorneys.)

It’s time for Alameda City Council to seriously look to reducing expenditures and headcount in those two offices to help keep police and firemen on the street.

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