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SunCal Vague About Increasing Soccer Fields for Alameda Point

At last night’s Planning Board meeting, two representatives from the Alameda Soccer Club expressed concern to the Planning Board that SunCal’s plan for Alameda reduces the number of soccer fields available for Alameda’s youth from eight to four.

Randy Rentschler of the Alameda Soccer Club addressed the board first, noting that SunCal’s proposed sports complex provides only four soccer fields, while the Club currently enjoys the use of eight fields at Alameda Point, including one field the Club spent $250,000 on to upgrade. Planning Board member Art Autorino, a self-proclaimed former soccer parent, also encouraged SunCal and Peter Calthorpe to re-examine the issue, noting that the “more recreational activities that you can provide there [Alameda Point] the better.”

But SunCal’s Pat Keliher was vague and non-committal on the topic, and raised the question of who would pay to maintain the fields and operate them ongoing. “It all comes down to resources and dollars.” said Keilher. He also noted that the proposed sports complex site was located on the most unstable land in all of Alameda Point. Later in the meeting, when pressed on the question of parkland, Mr. Keliher said “I think we’re over-parked” and again raised the question of who would pay to maintain and operate parks that the public asks SunCal to include in their development.

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