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Alameda Firefighters Town Hall Meeting

Alameda Firefighters Town Hall Meeting
October 29th, 7:00pm

Crosstown Community Center
1303 High Street, Alameda CA 94501

Why: City is proposing to cut a fire truck as soon as January.

Please attend to learn details and have your questions answered.

Any cuts to daily staffing by decreasing the number of firefighters on duty below 27 on the five fire engines, two aerial ladder trucks, and three advanced life support ambulances, represents an immediate threat to health and safety of the public as well as firefighters.

How often would this rotating fire truck closure occur? Nearly daily! This short staffing is primarily caused by the city’s decision to continue freezing / not funding eight firefighter positions. This practice has continued since 2004 and has created out-of-control overtime costs.

27 firefighters is the bare minimum needed to provide you safe and efficient customer service. Any less will jeopardize the safety of the citizens and your firefighters.

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