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Perata Machine Heats Up Late in Election Race

Just as the East Bay Express published a story on Alameda Mayor Beverly Johnson and her mentor, Don Perata, we received from readers a copy of an election mailer sent out by the Perata machine to Alameda residents.

The Express story calls Johnson a “disciple” of Perata’s but seems to suggest that Marie Gilmore is somehow more independent. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The mailer supports both Marie Gilmore and Tracy Jensen in the Council race, and the top shows pictures, from left to right, of Johson, Perata, and State Assemblywoman Loni Hancock. The return address lists “Californians for Good Jobs, Safe Streets and Outstanding Schools” and provides no FPPC number. Instead, where an FPPC number should be, it says “Not authorized by a candidate or a candidate’s committee.”

That’s the same committee that the East Bay Express wrote about in May of this year under the headline “Perata, Hamill, and Another Illegal Campaign?” In that story, the Express wrote that the phone number for the committe “is the office of Sandi Polka, Perata’s personal political consultant…” The Express said that the mailers sent to Oakland residents at that time, endorsing Oakland council candidate Kerry Hamill, Perata’s former chief of staff, included a signed message from the candidate – “which appears to violate state campaign finance laws. It’s illegal for a candidate to coordinate with an independent political committee.”

The Fair Political Practices Commission website has data on Californians for Good Jobs, Safe Streets, Outstanding Schools (FPPC #1306282) listed here.

Californians for Good Jobs, Safe Streets and Outstanding Schools

Californians for Good Jobs, Safe Streets and Outstanding Schools

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