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AUSD Board Adhering to Superintendent Selection Schedule

Dear Editor,

Last July the Board began making plans in response to Ardella Dailey’s announcement of retirement on January 1st. The information and timeline is on Mike McMahon’s web page. The existing board, with four years of experience together had to begin the process and has insisted that we wanted to include any newly elected members to the full extent that the law allows. We got a legal opinion that immediately after election, new board members fall under the Brown Act and could attend and participate in “Closed Sessions” but could not vote.

With that in mind we insisted on “holding off” until the day after elections for the board to screen applications so that newly elected members could attend and have input. This occurred last night, and now we will all come together for final interviews on November 15th and 16th. This was the best timeline we could come up with in order to have a new superintendent on board by January 1st. That is our hope. Of course, everything could fall apart if our selection and followup visitations bring up issues, problems, etc.

If you have any questions, please give me a call. Thanks.

– Janet Gibson

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