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Alameda Point Could Help Solve the Energy Crisis

A few weeks back, we wrote about Thomas Friedman and his call for an energy revolution. Friedman wants the federal government to kick-start a much needed energy transformation “manhattan project.” Last week, Dennis Green, in a return of his “Geezerville” series, wrote about the need for better collaboration between Alameda and the federal government regarding Alameda Point. How does all this come together?

It comes together by Alameda changing from its disastrous course of planning for thousands of homes at Alameda Point, and re-focusing on genuine adaptive re-use of the buildings out there, with federal support and co-operation, to become the center of Friedman’s green energy revolution. Depending on what we hear tonight at Alameda Power & Telecom’s workshop on the state of the telecom division, we may be on the verge of finally jettisoning the money-losing Cable TV and Internet division of AP&T and concentrating on electricity generation and distribution. What better a partner for an energy transformation than our own AP&T, which already generates a significant amount of our energy from renewable resources? SunCal, who only grudgingly considered a solar panel farm for their 4,210 home proposal for Alameda Point, should, like AP&T’s telecom division, be jettisoned, and in their place we should have a co-operative of federal, local government agencies and private industry working on solving the energy problem. And creating jobs too, by the way. A report we’ve just received and which we’ll write more about later, places the cost to provide public services to residential land uses at four times the cost to service commercial and light industry land uses. Given Alameda’s tax situation, it makes no sense to build housing at Alameda Point. And given the national energy situation, it makes no sense to ignore opportunities to put people to work solving it.

Here’s Thomas Friedman explaning his proposal on The Daily Show:

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