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Invitation to Help Save Our City! Alameda

Alameda is close behind Vallejo in declaring bankruptcy, facing severe budget shortfalls, lawsuits totaling over $30 million due to incompetence and mis-management, and planned projects, bond issuances or service cuts that will aggravate our financial despair. SunCal plans to bulldoze soccer fields to build housing for profit.

Save our City! Alameda

Alameda has a unique resource in the form of an enormous piece of publicly owned land which can be used to benefit the people of Alameda and surrounding communities and can provide a solution to the financial crisis that Alameda faces. Alameda Point is public land under control of the U.S. Navy, and SunCal want’s the City of Alameda to issue $700 million in redevelopment bonds to replace “infrastructure” there – in effect, a subsidy to SunCal so they can generate billions of dollars of revenue from building houses. Alameda’s fiscal crisis has already been exacerbated by the misuse of redevelopment which leaves us facing an accumulated debt of over $300 million dollars in redevelopment bonds. Alameda’s public services including the schools, as well as public safety – fire and police services – is threatened by this crisis. At the centerpiece of our vision is Alameda Point as a public trust, similar to that created for the San Francisco Presidio.

Our vision begins with:

1. A rejection of the proposed $700 million subsidy SunCal wants to support their plan to profit from building housing at Alameda Point.
2. No more redevelopment bonds issued without a vote of the citizens.
3. Maintain and enhance the livability of our island community with its limited traffic corridors: one tunnel and four bridges.
4. Increase city income by developing and expanding the already productive light industry and small businesses at Alameda Point.
5. Recognize the diminishing water resource which impacts all aspects of development and rising sea level due to global warming.

6. Future planning must incorporate the principals of:
a. Sustainable, green, use of resources.
b. Family friendly oriented use of the land such as parks, shoreline trails, nature preserves.
c. Preserving and expanding, not destroying, existing sports fields.
d. Reuse of existing structures, e.g. museums, senior housing.
e. The creation of educational institutions to support our youth.
7. Provide centers of public educational institutions and research that focus on alternative energy that incorporates emerging federal programs.
8. Focus on green job creation.

Support our commitment to preserve and protect our community of Alameda.

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