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Earthships – A Path to Sustainable Growth

Earthships – A Path to Sustainable Growth
5 – 8 pm Tuesday December 9th, Alameda Free Library

As communities search for ways to reduce causes of global warming while continuing to grow, we have an obligation to learn what is possible for “zero carbon’ homes. This is part of today’s reality and we have an opportunity to learn more about them on Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 at the Alameda Main Library when Jonah Reynolds, a Biotect, will speak about Earthships, an accepted sustainable construction phenomena.

As Alameda examines the number and types of housing to be built on our island, we all have an opportunity to examine what is possible for true “zero-carbon” homes. Mr. Reynolds, who is an experienced Earthship builder crew foreman, will address how these challenges are being met in a multi-media presentation, that includes a Q&A session and snippets from the acclaimed film, “Garbage Warrior.” ‘Earthship’ is a term applied to these sustainable homes first designed and built by Mike Reynolds, Jonah’s father, in the 1970’s. Biotecture is the term coined to display the importance of ‘living’ as a part of architecture.

Homes that create all of their own electricity from the sun and wind, homes that capture, store and reuse their own water, and then treat their own waste, homes that use natural thermodynamics to heat and cool their interiors, and that have year-round food producing interior gardens are not just a conceptual ideal, they are being built all over the world, and many are even built from used recyclable materials.

As communities of these ‘earthships’ began to grow, concurrent to the growth of planning and development bureaucracies in the state of New Mexico, where Reynolds began the earthship communities, he was temporarily stripped of his architect’s license and forbidden to continue building earthship communities as the new bureaucracies put laws together to prevent these earth-friendly homes in favor of status quo developers. It wasn’t until Reynolds’s success in many other countries around the world gained significant attention that Reynolds’s license was restored and the State Legislature of New Mexico removed enough legal obstacles for Reynolds to continue building the ‘earthship communities’ in New Mexico.

Please feel welcomed in learning about the simple, earth-friendly systems of earthships on Tuesday Dec 9, in Alameda, at 5 pm with the formal presentation from 6 – 7 pm followed by Q&A session until the library closes at 8 pm.

See for further information on Earthship Biotecture

Alameda Free Library is located at 1550 Oak St (Oak and Lincoln),
Alameda, CA (510) 747-7777

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