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Land Trust for Alameda Point? Yes We Can.

Here’s news of a new land trust in Sonoma county, encompassing space that was designated to build homes. We could do it for Alameda Point too.

2 comments to Land Trust for Alameda Point? Yes We Can.

  • Joe Citizen

    Still not sure how we pay top create this Land Trust. Are you saying you wan to pass a quarter cent sales tax like Sonoma county to pay for it? Alameda Point already has a Tidelands Trust that takes up at least 10% of the land on the base.

  • The same way the Jenner Headlands trust raised money – put together a collaboration of existing trust groups and non-profits and government agencies. If there is a will, there is a way.

    As for a 1/4 cent sales tax hike – at least that question would be put to Alameda County voters to decide if they want a higher sales tax to help fund the trust. Redevelopment bonds are issued by fiat, by City Council sitting as the Community Improvement Commission, and citizens don’t get to vote on whether or not to issue the bonds.

    Alameda Naval Air Station provided 18,000 jobs or so to the greater East Bay region, and the land is public land (federal land controlled by the U.S. Navy.) Why not give it back to the region in the form of parkland and open space in a trust, and, yes, one way to raise money could be to ask the region if they want to pay more in sales tax to help fund it. Note that the sales tax in Sonoma county provided only 1/3 of the money for the Jenner Headlands trust.

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