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Are AEF and AUSD Really Distinct? No.

Despite what some might have you believe, there is really little distinction between the Alameda Unified School board and administration and the Alameda Education Foundation.

Let’s take a look at the evidence… On November 24th, 2008, after their website had been down for several weeks, AEF Executive Director Brooke Briggance updated the Internet Domain Name registration records for the Alameda Education Foundation. The updated records include the email address and phone number for an AUSD staffer:

Registrant Phone:+1.5107484008

As of the time of this writing, Ardella Dailey, the outgoing AUSD superintendent, and William Schaff, outgoing AUSD board president, are listed on the AEF website as directors of AEF:
Judy Blank
Tricia Collins-Levi
Michelle Connolly
Ardella Dailey
Anne DeBardeleben
Louise Reed
Gail Rossiter
William Schaff

Ron Mooney, who is listed as the AEF secretary, ran for election to the AUSD board in November and won a seat. We’re still waiting to hear if he will step down from his role as secretary of AEF:
Ron Mooney

And we documented previously the close working relationship between former AUSD CFO Luz Cezares and AUSD when it came to disabled persons applying for an exemption the Measure H, the school parcel tax heavily promoted by AEF.

AUSD and AEF distinct? Hardly.

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