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Density Bonus Ordinance Continued Indefinitely

The Second Unit Ordinance comes before the Planning Board this evening at Alameda City Hall. However, consideration of the Density Bonus Ordinance has been stayed indefinitely, ostensibly because the Planning Board wants to consider it in parallel with discussion of the new Housing Element. Use of the Density Bonus Law could be a viable alternative to changing Measure A for SunCal’s plan for Alameda Point.

SunCal is due to provide their final draft master plan for Alameda Point to City Staff by December 19th, and Alameda City Council sitting as ARRA/CIC will tentatively review it on January 7th, 2009. SunCal has indicated that they intend to put a measure on the ballot for November 2009 asking Alameda citizens to approve a repeal of Measure A for Alameda Point. (An exemption to Measure A for Alameda Point will effectively undo Measure A for all of Alameda, but that’s another article.)

As we, and the Alameda Sun, have reported in the past, using the density bonus law would allow SunCal to build higher density transit-oriented sites at Alameda Point, but they refuse to consider it. Alameda’s Planning Board and Planning Department clearly don’t want the density bonus ordinance coming up in the midst of SunCal’s final delivery of their master plan for Alameda Point.

There are no dates available yet from City Staff for the density bonus ordinance and the Housing Element to be considered by the Planning Board.

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