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SunCal Cops to Push-Poll Telephone Survey

Alert readers tipped us off to video of the November 18th ARRA meeting, wherein SunCal admitted that they were in fact conducting a telephone survey of Alameda residents about Alameda Point. But several people who were contacted for the survey have said that the caller told them it was the City of Alameda conducting the survey.

The exchange between Councilmember Doug deHaan and SunCal representative Pat Keliher takes place at the 3:46 mark of the November 18th, 2008 video of the Alameda City Council meeting. For some reason, the ARRA meeting video was appended to the City Council meeting video, rather than broken out under it’s own category on the City of Alameda webcast center.

In any event, during that exchange, Councilmember deHaan noted that he had been contacted by Alameda residents who had participated in the survey, and who were told that it was being conducted by the City of Alameda. In fact, the survey was conducted by SunCal. We were also contacted by residents who, during the survey, expressly asked if SunCal was conducting the survey but were told it was being done by the City of Alameda as a “community service.”

Here is an audio recording of the exchange between Councilmember deHaan and Pat Keliher. Pay attention to how the Mayor quickly steps in to shut down discussion of the survey and then changes the topic.

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