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Veterans Affairs Hornet Presentation Online

If you were unable to make it to the Hornet last Thursday to see the VA presentation about their proposal for developing the land at Alameda Point (primarily the old airfield area) west of SunCal’s parcel, the presentation is now online.

SunCal has already indicated they’d prefer to see the proposed VA parcel left as wetlands, marsh or parkland – they know that will make the homes they plan for Alameda Point more valuable and more profitable.

Sadly, there is a growing market for cemetery plots and the VA say they need more space for columbarias and the like. In general, we think the proposed VA uses at Alameda Point are good ones, and in keeping with the swords-to-ploughshares transformation of the former navy base. But why couldn’t the VA re-use existing buildings at Alameda Point, (and do away with SunCal’s plan) and leave the airfield area for the least terns and the rest of the wildlife?

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