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Save Our City! Alameda Launches TV Ad Campaign to Stop SunCal

The local Alameda coalition Save Our City! Alameda has launched a TV ad campaign today in opposition to SunCal’s plans for 4,500 houses for Alameda Point. The 30 second TV spot will air on local Comcast Alameda stations such as CNN, FOX and MSNBC, and encourages Alameda residents to ‘Say No to SunCal.’ SunCal wants $700 million in City of Alameda redevelopment bonds to subsidize infrastructure upgrades at Alameda Point. Save Our City! Alameda suggests a public land trust for Alameda Point that integrates the proposed V.A. facilities. The ads will run through to Wednesday, January 7th, when SunCal presents their final master plan to Alameda City Council. See the TV ad online here.

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