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City of Alameda Fire Station Brownouts Imminent

Late yesterday we spoke with Domenick Weaver, President of Alameda Firefighters Local 689 who told us that rotating fire station “brownouts” are imminent – perhaps by the end of this month.

Mr. Weaver told us that “Our sources indicate that the brownouts are imminent and the Council will be making the decision on the report submitted by the fire chief that was edited and censored by the City Manager and her staff. This action also goes against the spirit of the voter-approved tax increase, Measure P, the measure that was sold to voters as a mechanism to ‘preserve vital city services.’ ”

Mr. Weaver alleges that a report to Council submitted by the fire chief was edited by the City Manager’s staff to minimize the potential negative public safety impacts resulting from rotating fire station closures, and changed the minimum required staffing levels for the fire department from 27 to 24 persons. Alameda City Council meets tonight, Tuesday January 6th, at City Hall to discuss the report.

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